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San Francisco

June 7 & 8, 2022 - 8 AM to 10 PM
San Francisco

World’s Largest Gathering of Open XDR Users

Learn from end users, service providers, technology leaders, industry analysts, and investors about the critical role Open XDR plays in the current cybersecurity landscape.

Videos of the sessions are coming soon!

Grand Opening!!

Maurice Stebila

Former CISO, Harman by Samsung, General Motors

Maurice will kick off the Open XDR Summit, setting the stage for the two-day agenda. We all want to learn how Open XDR can help our organizations

Susanna Song

Three-time award winning journalist

Susanna has been following the Open XDR / XDR story since its beginning, she will be interviewing speakers and attendees throughout the Summit

Closing the talent gap

Edward Vasko

CISSP, Director at the Boise State Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

Ed will share how he trains students and provides Security-as-a-Service to rural communities using Open XDR

Careers Panel: many roads to success

Joe Morin

CEO, CyFlare

Mark Porter

CEO, High Wire Networks

Trevor Smith

Senior Vice President, Brite

Mark Porter

CEO, High Wire Networks

Mark will share insights on how customers react to the idea of openness

Joe Morin

CEO, CyFlare

Joe will talk about how customers often want co-managed deployments – not everyone wants a hands-off approach

Ravi Puvvala

VP Strategic Accounts & Partnerships, HARMAN Automotive

Ravi will discuss the dynamics of an IP fleet of not just automobiles but also vehicle components (like audio systems), and explain how XDR can be used to take asset management to a new level by centrally managing and assessing risks across many mobile assets

Michael Crean

CEO & Founder, Solutions Granted

Michael is going to share his insights on why customers decide to work with an MSSP and what questions he gets from customers thinking through their decision

Jeremy Powell

CTO & Managing Director at Zyston LLC

Jeremy will discuss XDR as an open enabler for white glove and high touch MSSP customer experiences

Mike Goin

Vice President Global Channel Alliances, CYRISMA

Mike will share his observations about how the detection and response segments of security technology are transforming from point solutions to platforms—enabling customers to reduce risk while reducing costs

Brian Page

Chief Technology Officer, XIOLOGIX

Brian will discuss how Open XDR prepares you not just to be an MSSP but to become a partner involved in supporting your clients’ business objectives

Jeremy Rasmussen

Chief Technology Officer, Abacode

Jeremy will discuss the idea of moving from rules-based SIEMs to automated and ML-driven XDR thinking–what are the hurdles for mass industry adoption?

Trevor Smith

Senior Vice President, Brite

Trevor will discuss how different business verticals are looking for services that map specifically to that business model–for example, healthcare

Edward Vasko

CISSP, Director at the Boise State Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

The Boise State University team will discuss tactics to help a team live through an attack -- best practices you can leverage to help you through such an event

Russ Kaurloto

Vice Chancellor/CIO at the University of Denver

Russ will discuss risk vs. cost, and how to build progressive resiliency into your security stack

Barmak Meftah

Co-Founder and General Partner at Ballistic Ventures, Former President of AT&T Cybersecurity / CEO of AlienVault

Barmak will discuss how he saw the need for XDR as a company founder and security leader but did not know what to call it, and how open systems are critical to maximizing customer ROI

Haiyan Song

Executive Vice President at F5

Haiyan will explain how an Open XDR strategy helps deliver better outcomes for application delivery

Scott Williamson

VP Information Services at Cerberus

Scott will discuss the learning curve his team went through moving from manual rules to machine learning-driven correlation, and the ‘aha’ moment that helped them ‘trust the machine’

Rik Turner

Principal Analyst, Emerging Technologies, Omdia

Rik was the first analyst to write about XDR in 2018 and will share his insights about how the idea has evolved over the last four years. Rik will also attempt to clarify the differences between Open XDR and XDR, or at least bring some humor to the debate.

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