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What do our advocates say about Open XDR

Amanda Stowell
Amanda Stowell Information Security & Privacy Analyst, A-Dec

"SIEM is a powerful tool, but it requires a dedicated analyst. For our small team, we needed something like Open XDR that would tell us when an incident was important and needed investigation.

Open XDR was an easy sell for us because we had all these disparate logs. Our people loved the idea of seeing all their inputs on a single console and having the platform make correlations between them. They appreciated the value immediately."

Jon Mayled International IT & Security Director, PlastiPak Packaging, Inc.

“We got a more holistic view of what was happening in our global network, because Open XDR groups alerts into incidents that point to what’s really going on.

If you’re familiar with SIEM, you’ll have absolutely no issues with the concepts around Open XDR and with learning the platform. If you’re not running Open XDR, EDR and some kind of SOC function, you’re leaving yourself open to attack.”

Scott Williamson VP of Information Services at True Digital Security

“Being able to stitch all the signaling together automatically is where Open XDR really shines above everything else. You not only see what’s happening, but you get actionable outcomes.

I would say Open XDR is a paradigm shift in the industry, where you can see issues and respond to them all in the same platform."

Trevor Smith Senior Vice President at Brite

“With Open XDR we get true and complete visibility into our customer environments regardless of the technology they have in place, and we’ve been able to give our analysts actionable results, so our customers have realized faster MTTD and MTTR than they had before.

New technologies and tools appear all the time. The idea of Open XDR is that it can integrate them, see their logs, and orchestrate a response. This investment gives us the assurance that it will be there in the future and not prevent us from making new decisions.”

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